Welcome to the New World of Multimedia Message Delivery and Revenue Streams

Embellisher Multimedia Stream’s technology began as a way to keep online Caltech students engaged. It has morphed, thanks to our clients, to a 3.1 version to support educators, trainers, and professionals from every industry.

Now it’s time to see if Embellisher Multimedia Stream can handle your challenges.

Please fill out the form to arrange a live, one-on-one demo designed to address your organization’s needs. If you like what you see, we would love to arrange a free trial.

If you still want to learn more before a demo, read about some of Embellisher Multimedia Stream’s features and pricing.

Deliver YouTube-like Streaming Channels and Streaming Podcasts directly to your employees, students, clients and prospects.

The features you expect in a top security ePub3 delivery system, plus…

  • As a flexible Admin, you can wear many publishing hats, to sell eBooks, courses, new products and more, directly to your end users.
  • Easily manage multiple classes and events with the project management Admin system.
  • We can install your apps and website interface to collect prospects, register them inside the app database, and send them multimedia marketing info as "opt-in" users. No more eMails lost in spam holes, no more costly ads, no more lost communications..
  • You can upload any ePub book you want to use in a course or sell, right inside the Admin Store.
  • Learn how to convert your dull, lifeless online courses into immediate, interactive, and multimedia streaming courses that "tell a story."

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Not all software is created equal. Professor Musgrave's Embellisher Multimedia Stream Course will get you working on projects and courses in no time. Fill-out our form to receive a DIY copy of his new book, "Building Your Digital Marketing Platform." (Note: He also teaches an online course where member clients can practice by doing assigned projects--both team and individual--inside the studio).