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Each Admin “hat” can also monetize his/her goods and services by testing different promotional prices inside the pricing system of the app. For example, one of our clients, Yaron Goldstein, is a large publisher of eBooks in Israel (where Amazon has never existed, by the way, so he has always sold directly to his readers). He fell in love with the Embellisher right away. After we tweaked our editor so he could create eBooks in Hebrew and Arabic, he began testing the market by pricing his regularly formatted eBooks at a lower cost and loading them for sale through the back-end store of our app. Then, inside each of these popular books, he marketed a more expensive, yet uniquely entertaining multimedia version of the book. This created new viewers to multimedia (enhanced) eBooks he offered and improved his bottom line.

If you publish, you can try the same thing and bypass the Amazons of the world.