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One of the most monetized features of our app is the fact that owners can create and sell ePub3 multimedia books, courses, and tutorials under different Admin “hats.” In fact, we are working on a Push Merchandising app that will soon be rolled out, which will be integrated with Woo Commerce. This ability can create many different revenue streams for the owner.

To explain, one must first understand that the infrastructure of the app is private and secure. Each registration level, whether it is Reader, Author, Publisher or Admin, is individual inside the database. Not only that, but since only Admin level users have access to the user, store, creator and coupon elements, he/she can have different “audiences.” Therefore, if one Admin is an HR Trainer, or a School’s teacher, for example, he/she can upload a list of users at one company’s facility in Sacramento, or a school in Victorville, and these new Readers (workers or students) will be controlled by that one Admin only. When the Admin HR Trainer creates his/her lessons and courses inside the Creator Studio and published them over the mobile network, only those who were enrolled in the user backend software will be privy to that special course.

This works the same way with health care, faith-based, and government entities. A different Admin is created for each “hat,” or training purpose, and the patients at home, the parishioners on the go, and government workers in the field, can be put into comma-separated lists and easily uploaded into each Admin’s database to receive anything published to them over the mobile network.

Therefore, all the special courses or training materials can be saved in separate folders for that Admin’s location and anytime new training has to take place, at a new location, the Admin “hat” simply upload a new list of workers or students, and he/she begins the training process once again, using the already created course/lesson materials. These courses, of course, can contain all the same multimedia components (streaming audio and video, interactive quizzes and tests, and javascript interactive animations). If your tech department (or our Arinos developers) creates the courses and lessons/tutorials ahead of time, then they can be uploaded directly into the store component of the Admin. For our school teachers, we also supply a link to online free textbook sources, which they can use in their courses when they’re creating them inside their studios. Professor Musgrave always recommends that they can be used in conjunction with his “story telling course method.”

Another use of Admin “hats” is to monetize the Admin end of things. This means the account will be opened to the public by sending out “push ads” to attract new registrants inside the money-making app. Many of our clients like to sell their developed articles and courses to specific audiences, and we show them how to create ads using Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram ad software. These ads can be rifled-in in a variety of ways to reach the niche audiences for the specific ePub3 (enhanced or embellished) book, course, or video channel playlist one wishes to sell.

Finally, these capitalistic Admins can create the equivalent of Amazon’s “all you can enjoy for one subscription,” by simply making all of the subscribers “get all books free,” which allows them to access any course, book, or video/audio for free, once they’ve paid your subscription price. This is one of the most popular methods our clients use to monetize their intellectual properties.