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Most governmental organizations enjoy the training and development aspects of our platform. With branches all over the world, the Embellisher Multimedia Stream can reach via mobile devices where other systems cannot. Trainers can create training videos and interactive tutorials, and deliver them in seconds with low-bandwidth use and interesting content. We also encourage training and development supervisors and officers to utilize the “teaching a course or lesson as a story” technique as described in Caltech Professor Musgrave’s book Building Your Digital Marketing Platform.”

However, probably the most useful aspect of our app for the government is its online security. Professor Musgrave developed it to be “not hackable,” and we can explain to interested techies why this is possible. Of course, once an eBook of any kind is downloaded out of the app’s eReader component, it becomes “pirate bait,” just as books sold online do at Amazon, who lost publishers over three billion dollars last year due to pirated eBooks. The teambuilding Creator Studio and the interactive eBooks are also well received by the government’s organizations.

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