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Our Faith-Based clients range from individual authors selling inspirational multimedia eCards and poetry books, to large private schools using the platform for all of its curricula. We also serve churches and temples of all denominations to give them a unique and motivating method of giving home-bound parishioners a spiritual life and mental exercise watching streaming, carefully chosen streaming videos and music, and interactive Bible, Torah, Buddhist, Islam, and Upanishad studies. Although the Embellisher Multimedia Stream can, in actuality, replace an LMS already being used, it is often used as an accessory application for a unique way to deliver content. Our owner, Professor James Musgrave, won awards teaching online at Caltech in Pasadena, where his students sold their developed ePub3 projects using the store component. It is probably the most secure way to transmit multimedia streamed content over a mobile network, and it was in development for over ten years.

We work closely with teachers to be certain they understand our “teaching a course as a story” technique. Once implemented, at any grade level, we find it effectively motivates students to retain information as well or better than many other online procedures. We encourage your organization to engage in a lengthy discussion and Q&A with Professor Musgrave during your free demo. He understands that with schools, especially, the “buy in” by all involved teachers is crucial to its overall success in the future. For example, do you want to allow students to sell their projects inside the app to learn about real-world marketing and entrepreneurial capitalism?

The Admin “hats” analogy works for education also. Each Admin account is created for each teacher (and subject). This account then becomes private, and the students enrolled in this Admin Teacher’s Account can then be uploaded a .csv files inside the User database. The lessons can be delivered as small ePub3 books based on one of the free course eBooks provided by the links given in Professor Musgrave’s eText, Building Your Digital Marketing Platform. Or, you can create entire ePub3 multimedia stream courses. He will personally supervise your teachers’ course development, if you add the support add-on to your contract. Remember that our app allows the use of live presentations through Google Meeting, and team creativity of students in the Creator Studio component (see Team feature).

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