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Most of our corporate clients use the Embellisher Multimedia Stream apps to create “on the fly” tutorials for employees and clients. Since our platform uses “push” technology, rather than “pull,” both employees and clients are notified instantly when/if a new lesson and/or tutorials have been uploaded or edited inside the Creator Studio component. In other words, instead of the “hopscotch” run-around one gets inside the usual suspects, the Learning Management Systems (LMS), like Google Classroom, Canvas and Moodle, which are “pull” systems, the Embellisher system is more like YouTube. It notifies all registered users the moment the new copy is published and/or updated across the mobile network.

They find our platform far superior to any LMS because their needs require mobile communications to their employees. Employee down-time is not favored for most training and development, for example, because of the cost factor. With the Embellisher Multimedia Stream, once the course materials are created, they can be instantly adjusted inside the editor to be pushed across the network to field reps and to clients on their mobile devices, saving both time and money.

And, when it comes time for individualized training and even big corporate meetings, our clients don’t have to worry about the clunky Zoom platform. The Embellisher Multimedia Stream platform utilized the free technologies of Google Hangout and Google Meeting to get the job done. Video presenters can save and download their presentations and have them streamed to their network members instantly through the Creator Studio ePub3 technology. No more YouTube or Vimeo upload hassles and delays.

Yes, to most corporations on the go, time is money, and as long as the training materials are created inside our mobile platform, they can be instantly pushed to registered users. No more searching for the right application or the proper video stream. It can all be included inside a single ePub3 (multimedia) book and “pushed” instantly to the desktop libraries of both employees and clients/customers.